Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December 1st: Lazy Beach Day

The next day was our last full day in Mexico, and it was also my birthday! We started out by sleeping in, then made a quick stop at the beach to grab some beach chairs before heading over to breakfast.

 I had a mimosa with mine, just because I could.  :)

 After breakfast we made a quick stop back at the room. This giant iguana was right outside when we walked up, but slid into the bushes as we got closer.

We had also seen a bunch of coatis wandering around the trees and bushes, too. These two were on the side of the path as we walked by. The big one came right up to Mark, made a noise, and when he didn't really react, raised up on its hind legs at him! Turns out it was probably the mommy coati and must have been telling Mark that he was too close to the baby. It was pretty funny.  :)

We walked back down to the beach and spent almost the entire morning there. I had a drink and read a flying magazine, then joined Mark in the water for a bit.

There were dozens of the fish we'd seen earlier, They would swim right up to you, and if they thought you might feed them, they'd bunch up and wait for you to throw something. It was fun to watch them swim around and surf the waves.

After a little while we were getting hungry, so we walked back to the room...

...and got some snacks to eat on our back porch. We kept meaning to go in the lazy river pool, but the beach was so nice that it was hard to go anywhere else!

We finished our snacks, stopped to confirm our airport transfer for the next day, then went back to the beach for the afternoon.

After a little while, people started leaving, so we moved up to one of the umbrellas in the front row.

We hung out, drinking and reading and swimming, until the sun started to set, then walked around a bit.

I somehow remembered how to do the fancy HDR thing with my camera.

We played around with some panorama shots on my phone, too.

We walked all the way down the beach again...

...before taking the path back toward the room. It had been really nice to have a full day to just be lazy on the beach!

There was a surprise waiting when we got back to the room...they left me a little cake! I ate it with one of the beers from the mini fridge because I'm classy like that.  :)

We had originally planned to have dinner at the Thai restaurant so I could get some curry, but the Mexican restaurant was so good that we went back there instead. We were able to get a table outside, which was really nice. Mark ordered the fajitas and got to watch the waiter accidentally set a little bit of the table on fire when he served them.

The mariachi guys were there again, and after playing at the tables inside for a while, they made their way outside. Mark told them it was my birthday as soon as they walked up, and they played a really neat song that changed into 'Happy Birthday' at the end. Everyone clapped and the people at the next table over told me happy birthday, was really cool.   :)

We had been on the fence about getting dessert, but before we could decide if we wanted anything, they brought over another surprise cake! It was really good, and a fun way to end the meal.

We ended the night by wandering through some of the shops near the lobby. They were almost done decorating for Christmas. We stopped at one of the fancier bars near the lobby for one last drink before heading back to the room for the night. It had been a really nice low-key day!

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