Friday, January 6, 2017

December 2nd: Beach and Home

We didn't sleep in too late the next morning...we wanted to make the most of our last few hours in Mexico!

We went back to Mar y Tierra for breakfast by the beach. Everything was really good again... was the view.

Check out wasn't until noon, so we spent as much of the morning as we could hanging out on the beach.

 I'm definitely going to miss this view!

We hung out as long as we could before eventually making our way back toward the room.

I poked my head outside to get one last look at our yard...this iguana was hanging out near our chairs.

We got a ride up to the lobby, checked out, and left our luggage in the storage area near the front. We still had some free time before we needed to head to the airport, so we wandered around a bit to check out more of the Christmas decorations...

...before wandering back to the pool. They were doing an aerobics class in the far end; it was pretty funny. We wound up grabbing burgers and hanging out for a little while...

...before going back to the beach-side bar for one last drink. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we at least enjoyed the time we had!

Our ride to the airport was fine, check-in and security were fine, and since I had upgraded us to first class again (haha oops), boarding was a piece of cake. We got settled in, they pushed us back, and we were off.

Goodbye, Mexico...we'll be back again (soon, hopefully!)!

The flight back was really nice. I spent most of the flight watching a movie and eating everything they put in front of us, including a full dinner with wine. We made it back to Dulles right on time, zipped through customs with our Global Entry, picked up my bag, and were out of there really fast. It was really nice to get back from a trip and NOT be horribly jet-lagged. Overall, the trip was great, and Valentin Imperial Maya was easily one of the nicest all-inclusives I've ever visited. It was a really nice way to spend my birthday, and a great last trip for 2016. Here's hoping next year's travel goes just as well!

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