Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Picture of the Day: December 31st to January 8th

Over the past couple months I've realized that aside from trips, I've barely been taking any pictures and my photography skills were starting to slide. Time to fix that! I'll be doing my Picture of the Day project through 2017 to get my skills back up to speed.

Dec 31st: Mark and I both had to work day shifts that day, then get up at 4am the next morning, so we had Jeff and Caeli over earlier in the day instead of trying to stay up until midnight. We had some snacks, played some pool, live-streamed fireworks from countries that were hours ahead of us, and Jeff passed out in the chair in the corner. Nice to see nothing's changed there.  :)

Jan 1st: I spent the new year working day/mid. 3am's as good a time as any to get my logbook up to date while watching the weather push through the airspace.

Jan 2nd: Mark picked up some sort of Christmas cooties (again), so he spent the day on the couch with the doggies.

Jan 3rd: The weather was still kind of gross, so I decided to try the puzzle my parents got me. It's definitely one of the coolest puzzles I've done in a while; the pieces were really neat.

Jan 4th: Finally, some better weather! Though as soon as I pulled the plane out of the hangar, it started raining. I took Abby up for a little while once the showers passed; we did a little sightseeing and I was able to get some more pictures for a friend's project. The skies really started to clear out after we landed, though the winds certainly were fun!

Jan 5th: Abby and I went up again before I had to go to work, and this time I was finally able to get my ADS-B evaluation to pass! My new transponder is finally good to go.

Jan 6th: My snack after the eve shift at work. Some days you work the traffic, and some days the traffic works you...I went down in FLAMES on one of the scopes right before the end of my shift. I haven't been that far down the tubes in a long time. Part of it was the winds, part of it was too much traffic all at once, and part of it was a real jerk of a pilot. It's always fun trying to fall asleep coming down off of something like that when you have to be back at work in less than 9 hours, hence the tiny bit of whiskey.

Jan 7th: Our first kind of real snow for the winter! It was just starting to fall when I left for work at 6am, and this was how it looked when I got home a little before 5pm. 

Jan 8th: Another day/mid. Mark left a sheet on the couch for the doggies to hang out on while we were at work overnight...they were pretty happy.

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