Monday, January 16, 2017

Picture of the Day: January 9th to January 15th

January 9th: I laid around like a slug for most of the day after the mid. We did manage to get most of the Christmas decorations put away, though, so we celebrated by making quesadillas with tater tots in them and watching some Bob's Burgers. 

January 10th: I was doing something at the table in my office and heard a quiet little 'thump thump thump'. This is what I saw when I looked under the table.  :) 

January 11th: The weather was crummy again, so I spent a little time putting together some of the Legos I got for Christmas. That turned into spending the entire day putting together Legos. Mark even brought me dinner upstairs. I regret nothing.

January 12th: Back to work...of course the rain stopped! It was really windy, though. I didn't get to fly in the morning, but I did at least get to walk the track at work on a couple breaks. 

January 13th: Mark called me outside after work to see the moon; it had a really neat rainbow halo around it. I couldn't get the halo to show up well on camera, so I decided to try out some zoom shots instead. I especially like how you can see the craters so well along the edges.  :) 

 January 14th: A close up of one of the paintings in our living room.

January 15th: The clouds looked really cool in the afternoon.

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