Sunday, April 16, 2017

Picture of the Day: April 10th to April 16th

April 10th: Mark recently surprised me with this really cool Lego set. I could sit there and put together sets like this all day long (and a couple times, I have). 4002 pieces should keep me busy for a while.  :) 

April 11th: We spent the day (and night) in DC. I had tickets for us to see Ragtime at Ford's Theatre. I took this before the show started; the fancy box on the right of the stage is where President Lincoln was shot. I'll have another post soon with more pictures from our overnight trip.

April 12th: We spent some time wandering around Georgetown before heading home. I thought this building looked pretty cool. 

April 13th: Back to work. I had a pilot chirp about some 'ominous looking clouds' when I had to vector him for spacing, and when I got a break and went outside to walk the track, I got to see it for myself. I wouldn't call them ominous...just dramatically lit.

April 14th: I spent a bit of time in the morning sorting through the tools in my hangar. First step: spread them all over the table to see what I actually have. 

April 15th: Mark and I both wound up working ten hour days today. I got home first and spent some time hanging out with the doggies on the couch. I tried to take a panorama with my phone, but it didn't quite turn out. Oops. 

April 16th: I had to work on Easter, but I did at least get to enjoy this sunrise when I walked the track on my break in the morning.

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