Sunday, April 23, 2017

Picture of the Day: April 17th to April 23rd

 April 17th: Zach came down to visit for a couple days. We spent the evening watching episodes of Naked and Afraid and playing video games.

April 18th: Zach had never been on a distillery tour before, so we took him down to A. Smith Bowman in Fredericksburg. They just opened a new warehouse room last year, and they've already got quite a few barrels in there. This place is really cool and smells amazing. 

 April 19th: We tried out a couple new recipes and had some ramen for dinner. It was pretty tasty, as was the chicken peanut mushroom ramen thing that Zach and I finished up later.

April 20th: Zach headed out in the morning, and Mark and I went in to work and spent the night dealing with thunderstorms. I went outside right after some of the storms rolled through; my picture of the bright rainbow didn't turn out very well, but the clouds to the west looked pretty neat.

April 21st: I've been making some pretty good progress on the Lego set Mark got me. 

April 22nd: I worked a ten hour day to build up some more credit time, then spent a little time in the evening doing Legos and sipping some wine. 

April 23rd: It finally stopped raining, so I walked the track on a couple of my breaks. After so many cloudy days it was a bit weird to see some blue sky again. (Don't worry, was completely cloudy again by the end of my day shift.)

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