Monday, April 10, 2017

Picture of the Day: April 3rd to April 9th

April 3rd: Zach and I spent part of the day over at the airport, working on my hangar. When we got back home, he got to work on a new recipe we're going to try for Cubano sandwiches. First up: making the marinade for the giant pork shoulder.

April 4th: Zach and I spent some more time working in the hangar during the day and got a fair amount done. For dinner, he and Mark made the Cubano sandwiches they'd started the day before. They turned out really well!

April 5th: We took a break from working in the hangar today and did some fun stuff instead. Zach and I went flying for a little while, then we went to Old Town Culpeper with Mark for lunch. Zach wound up making chicken and dumplings for dinner, too. Busy day!

April 6th: That isn't a nice blue sky behind those white clouds...that was a nasty storm, and this was right before all hell broke loose with the weather Thursday morning. We wound up getting pea-sized hail at our house, and there were reports of possible tornadoes all over the place. A building down the street from us had its roof ripped off and thrown into the street. (Everyone was ok, though!)

April 7th: After getting my butt kicked on approach the night before (and even having to stay late for overtime), I was in the mood for a lazy morning the next day. Zach made us hash browns and Mark made us eggs for a lazy late breakfast.

April 8th: I worked a 10 hour day to build up some more credit time, and Mark took the day off, slept in, and hung out with Zach. They went for a bike ride and played some video games for a bit. Mark ran out to a local BBQ place for dinner. Apparently all I took pictures of this past week was food! I'll work on that for next week.  :)

April 9th: Zach headed back up to NJ while Mark and I were at work; Bacon didn't have anyone to hang out with while we got ready to go work the mid.

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