Sunday, May 14, 2017

Picture of the Day: May 8th to May 14th

May 8th: No mid this week, but I was still pretty tired after the day shift. The doggies caught me hanging out on my floor pillow; Wembles decided I needed some face slurps.

May 9th: I spent a little bit of time knocking some things off my to-do list, including driving my Mustang around a bit. It's leaking a bit of transmission fluid, so I'm hoping to get it in the shop soon so I can get it back on the road again.

May 10th: I finally got back in the air again today! The winds were light and the visibility was great, This is downtown Warrenton.

May 11th: I decided to order a few things I'd been eyeing up for a while. It was like Christmas when I got home from work!

May 12th: Snack of champions...cereal and a glass of wine. It was my second ten-hour workday in a row, and I was a bit hungry when I eventually got home.

May 13th: I left work a couple hours early and spent a bit of time at an open hangar party at the airport. One of the new tenants threw a really nice party. Tasty food, steel drum band, a shiny jet, and some fancy was pretty neat!

May 14th: Another day/mid this week. Sometime last year, someone put two pink flamingos in the dirt near some trees at work. Someone often decorates them for whatever holiday is coming up, and it always makes me smile when I see them as I walk in. I was a little worried last week when I noticed one of them was missing...until I saw that someone had hidden it up in one of the trees.

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