Friday, January 26, 2018

December 1st: Beach and Home

We got up around 7:00 the next morning with plans to watch the sunrise. Mark made some coffee while I plopped down on the chairs outside to enjoy the view.

There were birds all over the place in the trees outside the room.

The clouds were still hanging around from the night before, but it was still nice to sit outside and enjoy the quiet.

Our bird buddies stopped by again for a few minutes... did a few other kinds of birds.

I especially liked the woodpecker.   :)

We walked down to the little beach near our room after we finished our coffee. The clouds looked especially pretty.

There were some rain showers offshore, but you could also see the sunbeams shining down through the clouds.

You can just see a tractor on the left side of the picture; that guy might have my dream job. I remember seeing him last year, too; each morning, he drives the tractor along the beach to clean the sand. I wouldn't mind starting each day by driving a tractor on a beach.  :)

We went back to Mar y Tierra for breakfast, then spent a few minutes packing before heading back to the beach for a little while.

There were still a few showers offshore...

...but the beach was really nice while we were there.  :)

We walked over to the swimming area and went in the water for a while, then spent the rest of the morning hanging out on our beach chairs, reading and sipping one last drink. We hung out on the beach for as long as we could get away with, then went back to the room, got cleaned up, finished packing, and checked out.

We still had a couple hours before we had to head to the airport, so we checked out the Christmas tree in the lobby. They had finished setting it up was really pretty!

We walked back to Mar y Tierra for lunch; I inhaled all my tasty food from the buffet and waited for Mark to finish. And waited. Aaaand waited. It turns out this is why we sat there so long: he was sneaky and got the waiters to bring me cake and sing 'Happy Birthday'!   :)

After lunch, we walked down to the beach for a few minutes. I wish we could have stayed for the rest of the day, but no such luck.

We said goodbye to the giant iguana, said goodbye to the Valentin Imperial Maya, and got our ride to the airport.

We checked in and got through security with no problem, so we had some free time to hang out in the terminal. We wandered through some stores, then grabbed some seats near the windows. It made me smile to see this little girl run up to the window to take a picture of the plane with her dad's phone.

After a while, it was time to board. Goodbye, Mexico...we'll be back again someday!

We climbed up through some clouds as we left Cancun, but it didn't take long to get above everything and settle in for the smooth ride home.

I had upgraded us to Business again for the flight home, so I passed the time by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas...

...and eating dinner. I made sure to get a glass of wine since it was my birthday.   :)

The sun eventually went down and we made it home just fine. I wish we could have stayed in Mexico longer, but it had been nice to get away for a quick trip!

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