Wednesday, January 24, 2018

November 30th: Another Lazy Beach Day

We slept in a bit the next day. It was going to be our last full day in Mexico, so we decided to have one last lazy beach day.

This time we got smart and snagged some seats on the main beach before we went to breakfast. We left our things at our spot on the beach, went to Mar y Tierra for breakfast...

...and said hello to the giant iguana hanging out by the path on our way back to the room. We made a quick stop at the room to change into bathing suits and grab some sunblock...

...then went back to the spot we'd picked out on the beach. Let the lazy beach day begin!   :)

While the view looking toward the water was nice...

...the view behind us was a little ominous. There were showers in the forecast, but so far they seemed to be staying a bit further inland.

One of the ladies from the bar came around with a tray of pretty colored drinks. It may have only been 10:30am, but I didn't have anywhere to be...    :)

We hung out on the beach for a while, went back to Mar y Tierra for the buffet lunch, then walked up to the lobby to confirm our airport shuttle ride for the next day.

We walked past the room we had last year along the way; the lazy river pool was really quiet.

We walked past the main pool on the way back to the beach. They were in the middle of a pool show; you can just see the guy doing a handstand on the left side of the picture.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out on the beach. It still looked pretty gloomy behind us, but the rain kept holding off.

Eventually, though, the clouds crept closer...

...and the rain started moving in. We waited just a little too long to start the sprint back to the room; within a minute of taking this picture, it was absolutely pouring. Oops.

We did make it back to the room without getting completely soaked, and watched it rain from our patio for a while...

...before moving to the hot tub to finish watching the downpour move through. It did eventually stop raining, and we got cleaned up and walked to dinner.

We decided to save the best for last, and went to La Hacienda for dinner. We split a bottle of wine and stuffed ourselves with chips, salsa, and guacamole while we waited for our food. The chipotle shrimp that I ordered was probably one of the best things I had on the entire trip!

We also got to spend dinner listening to the mariachi guys; they were really good.

Dessert was fantastic, too; the waiter even made a flower out of a napkin.   :)

We walked up to the lobby after dinner; the fountains were really pretty.

We grabbed some mezcal from the bar...

...and hung out in the lobby for a while, sipping our drinks, playing cards, and watching a couple workers put up the Christmas tree. We eventually wandered back to our room, hung out on the porch for a little while, and went to bed. It had been a nice, low key last day.