Monday, January 7, 2013

Picture of the Day: January 1st to 6th

Because I wouldn't be me without setting an obscene number of goals for the year, I've decided to repeat my Picture of the Day project for 2013. I like being able to look back and see what I did that I might otherwise forget, plus it forces me to pick up my camera again. I hadn't realized until our last trip just how much I'd gotten away from photography!

January 1st: Fireworks in Alexandria, VA. Happy New Year! Mark and I met up with Jeff, went out for sushi and ice cream, kind of crashed Alexandria's First Night, and hung around for fireworks on the Potomac River. They did a great job and despite the thousands of other people, we managed to get right out of the parking garage. Sweet!

January 2nd: Low clouds over Lake Anna. My first flight of the year was a cross country with one of my students. We had originally planned to fly to My. Airy, NC (KMWK), but low clouds along the route led to a change of plans. We wound up flying to Hanover County, VA (KOFP) instead. The ceiling near Lake Anna was only about 2500', but the clouds lifted a bit as we flew on and the weather was a lot better on the flight back. 

 January 3rd: It's a beautiful day in the practice area (sung to the Mr. Rogers theme song). Another flight with my student, but this time just some airwork in the local area. What a nice day...I wish I could have flown longer, but I had to go to my real job in the afternoon.

January 4th: Brr! I had to get up early for a chiropractor appointment and even at 9am, it was still only in the low 20s. Mark was still sleeping when I left...must be nice!

 January 5th: Such a healthy dinner. Mark and I both had day shifts and it was my quickturn, so neither one of us was feeling ambitious as far as dinner was concerned. Mark even got me my favorite toppings (onions, mushrooms, and spinach), but made sure to pick on me for having 500 toppings. It was only one more than his side!

January 6th: Another Sunday, another day/mid. Thank goodness for my coffee collection; with the exception of the finely aged Halloween Peeps on the far right, that entire middle shelf is straight up coffee.

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