Sunday, January 13, 2013

Picture of the Day: January 7th to 13th

January 7th: Christmas ornaments. We finally started to put away our Christmas stuff today. Taking the ornaments off the smaller tree was like trying to pet a porcupine.

January 8th: Hello, Aerobat! I made a quick trip up to NJ this week and one of the first things I did was pull some Gs in the Aerobat with Bob. He was nice enough to hold my camera and take some pictures and video (coming soon!) while I had all the fun. That's the Atlantic City Expressway at the top of the frame. Man, I've missed this!!

January 9th: Hi, Granny! I had a full day in NJ this time, so I got to stop by to visit Granny. I don't get to see her very often, so it was really nice to get to catch up a bit!  :)

January 10th: Mr. Big Kitty. One of the two cats at my parents' house, one day I will stuff him in my backpack and bring him home with me. I just have to wait until Mom's not looking. I drove back to VA after breakfast (and tied my record - 3 hours and 8 minutes!) and went back to work in the afternoon.

January 11th: Now they're doggy buddies! I was so busy that I forgot to take a picture until after I got home from work that night. I feel like Mark should be saying "now kiss and make up..."; I love how they're both looking completely away from each other.

January 12th: Treadmill: 1, Laptop: 0. Oops. I was trying to hook my laptop up to the TV in front of my treadmill so I could watch The Biggest Loser while I was running (best thing EVER to watch while running - it's a combination of 'oh man I don't want to weigh 400lbs' and 'how is that 400lb guy running faster than me?!'), and as I went to move the laptop onto a shelf nearby it tumbled up and over the top of the treadmill. Somehow it survived! (I'm actually typing on it right now.) The keyboard bulges a bit and the side is dented, but everything, including the dented USB port, still works.

January 13th: Buzzy Bee. I was just going to take a picture of my bee, but Bacon went bananas when she saw it and kept trying to pick him up. I finally had to show her that the bee had to go to bed and was sleeping to get her to chill.

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