Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Very Montreal Monday

Mark is a big Formula One fan, and when we were bidding this year's leave he wound up with an extra free week to bid since I was using one of my weeks to go to Sun N Fun. Mark decided to use his week to go to Montreal to see a race in person in June...and since I like Montreal, too, I decided to tag along for a couple days at the beginning of his trip.

Bacon was clearly very happy about all the traveling I've done so far this year. So helpy. (Really, I think she liked sitting on my new overnight bag because it's soft and quilted.)

We both worked the mid that week, went home and slept for a couple hours, then met up at Dulles (we had to drive separately since I had to come back well before he did). He was waiting at the gate for me with some coffee, which was a really nice surprise. We didn't have to wait long before it was time to board the plane and push back.

One of the nice things about Montreal is it's so close! The flight was just over an hour, which was such a nice change from most of the commercial flying we've done lately (which is usually overseas, overnight, and LOOOONG). We got a really great view of the city as we approached.

Customs was super easy, and we grabbed Metro cards at the airport before hopping on a bus to the city. The bus took us most of the way to where we'd be staying, then we finished up with a short Metro ride before winding up...

...here. Good job, Airbnb...you came through again! Mark found this loft condo in a really cool neighborhood. It was ridiculously nice.

We hung out for a little while, then made our way out to pick up a few things to bring back to the condo.

Things like poutine and wine. You know, the important stuff.   :)

One of the best parts about the condo was the hot tub on the roof...how cool! After all of the travel and very little sleep, it was really nice to have a lazy night to hang out, drink wine in the hot tub, and watch the sunset. What a nice way to end the day.   :)

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