Thursday, August 11, 2016

All The Things Tuesday

Holy monkeys, did I sleep good that night. I'm not sure if it was the sleep-deprived travel or the hot tub and the wine (or more likely, all of that together), but I hadn't slept that well in a while. It was a nice way to start my one full day in Montreal!

We had croissants and lattes at Le Couteau, a cool coffee shop a couple blocks from the condo. That croissant was giant (and delicious). After breakfast we wandered around the neighborhood for a while and picked up some snacks for later in the day before heading back to the condo.

It was still pretty early in the day, so we decided to go for a run. The last time we were in Montreal we spent some time wandering around Mount Royal Park and knew there was a really good overlook where you could see the city, so that was our goal.

We never made it to the overlook. Instead, we spent a whole bunch of time running in circles in the Mount Royal Cemetery, trying to find our way back out into the park. There were still some cool views, at least, but man, did we get turned around. I shut my GPS watch off somewhere around 3 miles, so our "short" run wound up being closer to 5 miles by the time we eventually got back to the condo.

These snacks were well-deserved! After inhaling both plates we got cleaned up and hopped back on the Metro... check out the Vieux Port area. There are lots of cool art galleries in this area, so we spent a while wandering through many of them (and somehow resisted the temptation to buy boatloads of art).

We walked all over the place and eventually wound up down by the water...

...where we stumbled across an outdoor bar. We stopped for a drink before taking a super crowded Metro back to the condo.

This band was playing right outside our Metro stop. They were really cool! Though any band that uses a clarinet gets bonus points from me.   :)

There are a lot of cool restaurants and bars right down the street from the condo, so we decided to check some out. Our first stop was Barraca, a cool rhumerie (rum bar). We got a table out on their patio and ordered a couple different things to share.

Their tapas sounded fantastic, so we got a couple of those, too. They were really good, and we managed to finish everything just as the skies opened up and it started to rain. We ducked back inside, paid, then ran back to the condo for a bit to regroup.

We eventually wound up at L'ile Noire Pub. We had stopped here the last time we were in Montreal, and their whiskey selection is still just as impressive. We split a few different things, many of which the busy bartender ladies had to hunt for. You'd think more whiskey fans would come here to try some of the unusual stuff they have!

After L'ile Noire, we apparently still hadn't had enough drinks and food because we wound up at an Irish pub that I didn't even remember to catch the name of. There was supposed to be a lady singing live music, so we each had another drink and split some chicken tenders and fries while we waited. She eventually came out and sang in English, not French like Mark had hoped for, so we stayed for a few songs before heading back to the condo. We ended the night by hanging out in the hot tub for a little bit while it rained before eventually going to bed. I thought we did pretty well...we managed to cram a ton of stuff into one day!

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