Monday, January 30, 2017

Picture of the Day: January 23rd to January 29th

January 23rd: It rained just a bit today. This was our front yard right before it started letting up. 

January 24th: Mark and I spent part of today sorting through everything in the kitchen. Among the fun finds: Wembley's little puffer jacket.  :) 

January 25th: This week's mid kicked my butt hard, and while the weather was nice enough to fly, I just wasn't up for it. Instead, we drove out to Luray, had lunch at one of our favorite sandwich places, then stopped at a few overlooks in Shenandoah on the way home. There was snow up in the higher elevations! This parking area was like a skating rink.

January 26th: Back to work today. Someday I'll get to the rest of these Legos! 

January 27th: When I put away the stuff I used to make my Christmas card, I had a hard time finding space for some of the dinosaurs. This one lucked out with a spot on my Lego ferris wheel. 

January 28th: Mark and I both had day shifts, and I stayed late to earn a bit of credit time. This is about how motivated I felt by the end of the day. 

January 29th: I forgot to take today's picture until right before I went to bed - oops! This is the bulletin board in my office; I've posted a bunch of fun postcards I've picked up from some of our trips.

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