Sunday, February 19, 2017

Picture of the Day: February 13th to February 19th

February 13th: I had a day shift. It had been months since I had a regular Monday day shift. I was very peopled out by the end of the day. It was definitely a two-drink evening. 

February 14th: We tried a new recipe for dinner: quinoa patties with eggs and cheese. It was really good! 

February 15th: Dave and I had to go down to Richmond for a Women Can Fly planning meeting. We'd hoped to fly, but the weather didn't cooperate so we wound up driving instead. I waved to the tower on our way out. 

February 16th: My air compressor came today! I've almost finished buying everything I need for my shop. Next up: move it all to the hangar so the living room isn't full of power tools.

February 17th: I took some of the leftover quinoa, threw it in a bowl with some avocado and a fried egg, then topped it all with shredded Parmesan cheese. It was deliiiiicious.

February 18th: We went for a walk through the new development going up around the corner from us. No wonder our cars are covered in gross dust; it was a mess. Mark and I joked about either buying a plot and leaving it empty, or buying one and just putting a giant garage on it. Tempting...

February 19th: I had day/mid today. Mark got my little car running again, so I figured it would be a waste of a perfectly good convertible day if I didn't at least drive it in for the day shift. The weather this year has been bananas; it seems like we've already hit spring.

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