Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Picture of the Day: February 6th to February 12th

February 6th: Mark and I recently rediscovered Dr. Mario; we've been playing a lot of it lately. 

February 7th: We met up with some friends, spent the afternoon in Old Town Culpeper, then came back to our house and drank whiskey on the porch. The weather was gorgeous...it was crazy to be able to sit outside like this in February. 

February 8th: I finally got back in the air today! I went up by myself for a little while and did some sightseeing out near the mountains. 

February 9th: It snowed a bit while I was at work; this was the view looking out of the cafeteria door. It was COLD when I went to clean off my car later that night.

February 10th: Mark tried a few whiskey samples after work. Wembles sniffed them from afar. 

February 11th: I was able to get the day off from work, so I spent a good chunk of it at the airport, cleaning my hangar. I did take a break to go buzz around with a friend for a little while, though. Visibility was fantastic, and I'm definitely not used to flying with so much traffic! 

February 12th: The sky looked really neat just after sunset. This was before the winds got too ridiculous.

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