Monday, March 6, 2017

Picture of the Day: February 27th to March 5th

February 27th: The soda fountain at our town's drug store. Holy monkeys, did I feel like death after the mid, so Mark took me to urgent care later that day. The doctor called it laryngyotracheobronchitis, which kept coming up as croup in all of my Google searches. Nice! We got some ice cream while we waited for my prescription. 

February 28th: Another day sick at home. I spent a good chunk of the day in bed, but did play a little Dr. Mario with Mark after dinner. (The two sips of wine I tried did not go well - it left me coughing for about twenty minutes!) 

March 1st: STILL sick in bed. We had some pretty interesting weather roll through later in the day, so I spent my time between naps watching it get closer on the Weather Channel. 

March 2nd: Stayed home sick from work again today, but at least the weather was getting better. This was the day I finally started to think that maybe someday I wouldn't feel so sick.

 March 3rd: STILL home sick; the medication was making me pretty loopy, though, so maybe that wasn't a bad thing. Mark pointed out that one of my hyacinths was starting to bloom in the side yard.

March 4th: Last day on the medication, and last day home from work, finally! I met up with my buddy Bob and we moved my workbenches over to my hangar. They turned out really well! The change of scenery was pretty nice, too.

March 5th: Back to work, just in time to work day/mid and get ready for our next trip. I've known this one was coming for months, but with how sick I've been it really snuck up on me. More posts soon!  :)

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