Saturday, March 18, 2017

Picture of the Day: March 6th to March 12th

Rather skipping these weekly posts and taking forever to put together all of my trip posts, I figured I'd stick with the Picture of the Day format to stay on track. Don't worry...more detailed trip posts (with a bazillion other pictures) will be coming soon!

March 6th: Mark didn't understand why I was taking this picture, but it's not often that you manage to catch the airport parking shuttle right after you get out of your car. Even better, we were the only ones on it, and it went almost directly from our stop to the terminal instead of driving around the parking lot for an extra ten minutes. Success! 

 March 7th: Good morning, Scotland! After an overnight flight and a connection in Iceland, we made it to Glasgow.

March 8th: We stopped at a little Italian cafe in Glasgow for breakfast before heading out of the city. That shell-shaped pastry was amazing; the crust was a giant spiral and it was filled with some kind of orange ricotta. *drool* 

March 9th: The view from our hotel in Edinburgh during breakfast.

March 10th: We spent a good chunk of the day exploring northeastern Scotland, and eventually made it all the way up to John o' Groats. It was pretty (and cold and rainy!).

March 11th: The view from our room at the Dornoch Castle Hotel. You could just make out some of the snow covered hills in the distance. 

March 12th: The path toward the Neist Point Lighthouse in western Scotland. The rain let up just long enough for us to wander around for a little while.

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