Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Picture of the Day: May 22nd to May 28th

I haven't forgotten about getting some Italy posts up here! I've been pretty busy lately with planning for the Women Can Fly event in a few weeks, so I haven't had very much time to edit pictures over the past week. Soon, though! For now, some more Pics of the Day.

May 22nd: We went for a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in the morning. This was the ceiling in one of the long hallways. This may be the most ornate place I've ever seen.

May 23rd: It was our last day in Rome and we wanted a break from all of the tourist spots, so we took the metro to a local neighborhood and explored a bit. We found a bakery with delicious cookies and wine, so we stopped for a little while to enjoy our snacks.

May 24th: We snuck up to the hotel's roof terrace for one last peek at the view before heading to the airport in the morning. You can see the top of the Colosseum just to the left of the middle of the picture, partially hidden by some trees.

May 25th: My own falcon hood! Our friends from Dubai are back in the US for a couple weeks, and we met up with them and some other friends for dinner the night we got back from Italy (which made for a long day, but was very worth it). They remembered how much I liked the falcon hoods, so they got one for me when they went back to the falcon hospital in Abu Dhabi.   :)

May 26th: Dave and I went to pick up the T-shirts we ordered for the Women Can Fly event. They turned out really well! It should be really easy to pick out our volunteers with the nice bright pink.  :)

May 27th: A lot of our plants are filling in now that it's warming up. The Japanese Maple in our backyard is especially pretty.

May 28th: I worked a ten hour day to build up some more credit time since I didn't have the mid this week. I didn't mind, though, because the traffic was really light in the morning because of the holiday, so I got a nice long break that lined up nicely with the start of the F1 race in Monaco. I've really been missing Europe since we got back, so it was nice to get a quick fix of the scenery on TV!

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