Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Picture of the Day: June 12th to June 18th

I know I disappeared for a little while there, but there was a good reason! This past Saturday was the Women Can Fly event that I organized. I'll have a full post about it after I get this all caught up again, but it was a great day and we managed to get over 200 people in the air. Anyway, for now, back to Pictures of the Day!

June 12th: We got together with Megan, Marcus, and a few other friends at a winery for one last hangout before they flew back to Dubai. The weather was really nice, the wine was tasty, and it was fun to get to hang out with them a bit more. Marcus told me and Mark that we should try to come over for next year's Formula One race in Abu Dhabi. I'm all for it if we can get the time off! We'll have to wait until this fall to see. 

June 13th: Zach came down to visit and helped us rearrange our kitchen a bit. We're moving on to the next phase of slowly redoing everything, and part of that involves getting rid of our hutch and getting another kitchen island. 

June 14th: We took a break from furniture assembly (and event planning for me), and went into Old Town Warrenton for lunch. We sat right in front of the pizza oven, which was fun to watch,

June 15th: Zach headed home in the morning. I noticed this little grasshopper hiding in our basil while I was waving goodbye.

June 16th: The lilies at the end of our driveway have been going nuts lately. Mark's been watering them to try to make them last longer. 

June 17th: I decided I needed some motivation to be more consistent with my running, so I signed up for a half marathon this fall. I ordered a bunch of Gu and Nuun, so I should be good to go as training ramps up over the next couple months. 

June 18th: The wiener dogs absolutely love when we spray them with the hose, which makes watering the garden a bit tricky when they're outside. They also get a bit impatient (and loud) if Mark dares to spray the garden more than he sprays them. Both of the doggies were drenched by the time Mark finished.

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