Sunday, June 11, 2017

Picture of the Day: June 5th to June 11th

June 5th: Mark was outside with the dogs and called me outside to help keep them away from the driveway. Turns out this little guy was hopping around. I'm still not exactly sure what kind of bird this is. 

June 6th: Mark and I went to Old Town Warrenton for lunch. The mini pizza was especially delicious and made me miss Italy. We spent the rest of the afternoon buying stuff for our garden and getting it all planted.

June 7th: I have just been full of good ideas this week, which Mark has absolutely loved, I'm sure. One of them was putting up a blackout curtain in the guest room. The wiener dogs were such helpy helpers when Mark was trying to drill the holes in the wall. 

June 8th: I got outside for a lap on the track at work just as the sun was setting.

June 9th: Ta da! This year's garden. Hopefully the fencing will keep the stupid fat rabbits from eating everything. 

June 10th: Mark got stuck working overtime on his day shift, but when he eventually got home we spent a little time hanging out on the porch. Bacon spent part of the time trying to eat mosquitoes. 

June 11th: I had been drooling over some pretty bath towels in a catalog for a while and finally decided to order them. They're so bright and cheery! (Mark's reaction when the box of towels came: "Gee, it sure seems exciting being a lady. Towels, huh?")

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