Friday, June 30, 2017

Picture of the Day: June 19th to June 25th

June 19th: I had to stop by the airport on my way home from work to pick up a few things for the event. I managed to make it to the airport, grab everything I needed, and get back home and unload everything just before the skies opened up. That was a lot of rain!

June 20th: I spent the afternoon at Naomi's baby shower. It was nice to get a short break from event stuff! We've been joking around that she'll probably go into labor in the middle of the night when we're working a mid together, so I made sure to sign the things I gave her as from her 'mid'wife.

June 21st: Mark had spent the past couple days visiting family in New Jersey and got home sometime in the afternoon. I bet he wishes he had stayed longer so that he wouldn't have had to help me stuff event folders.

June 22nd: Post-work snack of champions: whiskey and Excedrin. And a giant to-do list.

June 23rd: I was able to get the day before the event off, so I spent a good chunk of the day setting things up at the airport. We managed to at least get the preflight briefing area ready to go in my hangar, but we ended the day a bit behind where I wanted to be. Oh well.

June 24th: Women Can Fly day!! The weather somehow magically cooperated (despite a pretty bad forecast), and we had a great turnout; by the end of the day we had given 218 rides. (And yes, that does include when they told me to go ride right seat in the R-44 helicopter so they could get some event photos to use for next year.) It was a really good day! I'll have an entire post about the event itself after I've wrapped up the posts from our Italy trip.

June 25th: 5am came quick the next morning. At least I got to see a pretty sweet sunrise before heading back in to work all day. I was wiped out by the time my shift was over. I think next year I'm going to try to get the entire week of the event off from work.

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